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Navigator Tin Compass of the Angleans

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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
A Compass pointing up north.
Horseshoe Bay
Cartographer, Navigator.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
A smallish, oddly feminine Pegasus Stallion of pale brown coat, gray Mane & tail, and a pair of violet eyes. Upon his flanks, the image of a Compass lays. Upon both his ears, a single earring is attached, and he tends to wear a brown Jacket to protect his chest and the base of his wings.
Airships, snow, a good mug of Cider, cartography.
Misc Information:
WIP - Character still under a strong development.
History and Details:
<p>Tin Compass, born to a lovely marriage between two Sailors of the clouds in the north-eastern independant region of Anglea, of unforgiving cold climates and tall, coumbersome icy mountains.</p>
<p>Lands, unwellcoming to all but the inhabiting tribes that form the Anglean Conglomerate, held loosely by the common will to survive and thrive under such dire climates. Tin was a weak Pegasi, not expected to survive the trial of maturity; When an Anglean reaches the age of Sixteen, they are abandoned on the ruins of an once great civilization, now forever buried under the snow, with nothing but a knife, and a rock.</p>
<p>Many tend to perish on the trial. Others cheat and eventually are exiled. Others find their way back to the warmth of the Fortress one way or the other... And Tin made it back, for he knew the entirety of the region like the base of his hoof, having learned cartography and how to make the best out of every single detail with a mere gaze through his bookwormish youth.</p>
<p>He survived the trial, and was granted access to serve under one of the numerous Airships of the Conglomerate as crew, as onboard Navigator as soon as he had recovered from the trip back home.</p>
<p>However, as an attempt to close the gap between Equestria and Anglea, a few vessels were sent to Equestrian territories in a diplomatic mission, with the attempt to spread friendship between the two nations. Tin was aboard one of said vessels, having been granted free roam through the country in hopes to find a lasting friendship in these warn lands, to take said warmth to his cold home.&nbsp;</p>
<p>A home that is undergoing a brutal conflict with one of the neighboring lands, a fight over resources and survival. This made all the vessels outside the country that were doing diplomatic missions return to aid the campaign for survival. Tin, among the hundreds sent back to fight.</p>
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"Three clicks to the north, five Kilometers to the East and half a mile to the North-West..."