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Earth Pony
A notable Knight of his house, Tranquil has spent a majority of his life with his family performing chivalrous acts and deeds, usually of the more violet variety. Recently, he serves with his house acting as a bodyguard for Governess Victoria Vanity.
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Mature (NSFW)
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This OC is part of a larger ongoing lore called 'The Mirror Dance' with others noble characters such as Victoria Vanity, Rafa Dusk, Brenner Skye, and others. RP is generally on the more serious 'game of thrones' style. If you have questions or interest, please feel free to leave me a message.
History and Details:
Tranquil Rampart is nearly the definition of a gentle giant. Being a huge earth pony near matching Princess Luna in size, he oddly prefers to spend his time bathing in the sun and cuddling in his free time. His personality is gentle and usually of few words unless needed. One would almost be surprised to know how much combat and fighting he has spent his life on. He is, at heart, happy to encourage peace when he can, as he has had his share of violence enough.

Recently, after their action in the frozen north, Tranquil's family, House Gallant, has pushed him to be more obscure publicly, taking the public eye off him after an event that nearly cost him and his older brothers life. Though it is kept secret from the public, very few know that it is because Tranquil had contracted lycanthropy in a surprise fight with the wildlife.

Slowly the infliction gradually affects him on a mental level, more wolf like tendencies and instincts filling his mind, though with his gentle personality they come off more like a dogs. When the moon is near full, he has trouble holding his form without the use of wolfsbane, and on full moons he cannot stop the beast that comes out of him for the hunt. He fears the gradual loss of grip on his identity for who he is and eventually become no more than a hungry beast. Is this what all his good deeds have gotten him? Can he just lay content with is life for as long as he can or will he snap?
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