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<p>1780- 1795 AA Found abandoned and thusly raised on a pear farm outside of Manehatten, young Selter Lex, name given to her by her adopted parents and owners of said pear farm grew up under the impression she was for all intents and purposes, nothing more than a feral unicorn with a mutated horn. Raised by these two earth ponies she was treated like any other foal of the odder form would be, mostly loved and protected while growing up. However it wouldn't be long before the young mare was soon found out to be not a unicorn, but a kirin by a group of traveling merchants heading towards the Capital of Equestria. Unsure how to explain such a thing to Selter, both her adopted earth pony parents kept this from her up until their passing as she entered her 15th winter. Where in upon their death bed her mother would reveal she was neither their daughter, and a kirin. Selter in accordance to their wishes would burn them both, and bury their ashes to create one more orchard of pear trees.</p>
<p>1795-1798 AA After a number of days aboard the train to the capital Selter would arrive in Canterlot to live with her aunt and her family, who, although despite seeing her as an oddity did not turn her away instead giving her a little shop in the lower districts to help run to earn her keep during the days in which she wasn't attending school. Up until her 18th birthday, Selter lived a mostly normal life in Canterlot. Attending school, doing her best to socialize, and fit in even despite her awkward looks and behaviors. It wasn't until her graduating year in which she was attacked by a number of her classmates that Selter's life began to turn towards the worst. Being born to more privileged and wealthier families whose heads held hatred of anything xeno of any sorts, specifically kirin, a number of the students in Selter's school would then trick the young kirin mare into joining them at a party near a local nightclub only to attack the defenseless young mare. During the few hours of torment, young Selter would be repetitively injured over and over again, resulting in a number of broken bones, and a broken horn that required every penny her remaining family had to repair. Thus resulting in weakened magic traits; struggling harshly to even lift a book or two.</p>
<p>1798-1816 (Present) AA After said attack and recuperation, Selter would soon after drop out of the highschool she had been attending, moving to live in the small shop provided by her aunt after her lost fight with cancer. Without family to rely upon, and without any true friends to keep in touch with, Selter would simply throw herself into her hobby of collecting books, tomes, and anything of literary value. For another 14 years, the young kirin would keep this store alive in the lower districts of Canterlot. Away from the nobles. Away from her enemies. Away from the discrimination against her species. And so far Selter has scratched out a living fairly well in her little shop. Who knows what the future holds now? Only time will tell.</p>
<p>After her shop was burned down in an unfortunate accident, the kirin would in time enough return to Canterlot, attempting to rebuild her life and her shop. Though her present financial situation, and that most of her belongings were lost in the fire her situation looks fairly bleak. Will that change? Only time will tell.&nbsp;</p>
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