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Pegasus Pony
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A lit candle
Burning takes odds jobs where he can get them
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Mature & Violent
Burning is a bit larger and bulkier than most pegasi. He had a red coat along with a piked back golden mane and short cut tail. His yellow eyes seem to glow when it is dark. He always carries a huge Scimitar on his back. A gift from his father. The blade was enchanted by the dragon Yoluskriid. Often times he is found wearing his makeshift armor that is made from pieces of changeling exoskeletons held together with bits of chain mail.
Martial arts and avenging his father
Misc Information:
Huge thanks to Shade aka Morphea for the art

Ok rules and stuff

I enjoy almost any kind of RP. Almost any. Please do not come asking for ERP. My character is a child so none of that yeah?

I really hate RPs where each response is 2 or more paragraphs long. The RP becomes so blocky and it is very slow going. That being said i will not RP with anyone who puts no effort into responses. Give me something to work with but not an assay.

Please do not be OP confused. Have a believably scaled character. Not saying a character can't be powerful you just need to know how to RP a powerful character correctly.
History and Details:
<p style="text-align: justify;">Burning's parents devoirced shortly after he was born. His mother had used his father to get pregnant since her real love was unable to do that for her. In his early years Burning's mother was midly abusive to him and favored his sisters. Luckily Burning's father managed to gain custody of him when he was five. Burning's father. Phoenix Wind. Quickly began teaching him martial arts. Burning was a natural talent and learned a lot from his father. Burning's father loved him very much but due to his father Burning was exposed to many strange and powerful magical artifacts. One of which seemed to bind itself to him. Burning can gain energy from the positive emotions of others and channel them into magic. Sorta like a changeling but without draining others of that emotion. Despite this life was going well for Burning until one day Burning's father was killed by changelings. Taking his father's sword he devoted his life to avenging his late father and slaying the foul Chrysalis. In recent times he has become obsessed with revenge. Unable to move with his life until he kills the one who killed his father.</p>
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"There is light and darkness in all of us. Those who are strong resist the darkness. Thus there is ying and yang"