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WildLight The Pyromancer, Son of IronClover

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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
A burnt/burning tree.
Working in his Library, trying to relax.
Librarian, former Explorer/adventurer.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
His body type is slightly short, stocky, and toned. He has a silvery white grey coat with numerous freckles mainly around his face and ears, but there are others all over his body. His hooves are a dark charcoal grey. His mane his auburn and reddish with golden streaks. His eyes a blue that match the color of the sea.

He is not one to revel in destruction, despite how it seems to follow him wherever he goes. On levels Of lover to fighter, he would certainly turn more to being A lover. Unfortunately, it seems he needs to fight often, due to his insatiable curiosity. He is kind, and patient, and will not press to hard into a matter if it causes discomfort. He is knowledgeable and well spoken despite his age. One of these days, he’ll get himself into some trouble he can’t reasonably get himself out of. And he’ll either have to ignore those moral lines, or find himself in a world of bad.
Cartography, pyromancy, scriptures and ancient writings, intriguing artifacts, and the act of living.
Misc Information:
Personal Info!: I am one of many immigrants/Refugees from the great Ponysquare Migration. I hope to find many wonderful roleplays and have fun here.
I have been roleplaying for around 5-7 years in total, and Wildlight has been a character if mine for 3 of those years.

-I will not put up with impatience or rudeness Ooc.
-Please don’t control Wild. It ruins the fun of the unexpected.
-If your alicorn or all powerful or cannot be justified, I am not interested in role playing with you. I don’t mind heavily stretching cannon, but have some justification.
-I heavily prefer the narrative writing style, ranging from 3-5 sentence replies to whatever you can muster. All depends on the situation. Any point of view.
-I’m not a big fan of slice of life, but if you have an idea to make it interesting, do tell^^.

Notable skills/Talents!
Lesser rough shod combat, with some vague experience in potion making. His writing skills. His strange ability to use magic, in particular, fire magic:Pyromancy

A few old artifacts from his adventuring days. Willing to see to someone or trade if he knew them well or could trust them.
♧ A mysterious gem that allows the bearer to teleport long distances, and between worlds. Only works 3 times per pony. A to and from trip counts as 1 time. He has used it once.
♤ Shimmer Powder, which is basically a dusty combination of magic and flash powder. You throw down a pinch and it makes a sort of explosion of the stuff all around you out to 10 feet. Not only does it conceal you, but confuse any who look upon it, or get it in the eyes or lungs. Note: This can (heavily)backfire if you do not have the proper protection of your own eyes or lungs.
◇ Morphing oil, which tastes as bad as it sounds. It can only be held in a container made of magma glass. Magma glass can be made from the lava coming from the dragons lair volcanos. The oil is a combination of griffins blood (usually voluntary), a peace of an egg shell from a dragon, and your own tears. A bit strange, effective. Only works for the owner of said tears. If you drink it and it is not your own, side effects can include Extreme nausea, pestules rising on the skin, and the consumption of non edible items...
♡ A set of mysterious journals, owned by an anonymous adventurer from hundred or so years past. He found it by said adventurers long dead skeletal body in a cavern in the San Palamino Desert. The paper is old and delicate.

¤ Simplicity: A flaming burst that is simply aimed outward from a limb
¤ Play Ball: A ball of heat, molten rock or fire, thrown as one would throw a
¤ MeltingPoint: Touching an object, usually metal or rock of some sort, and
rising its temperature to its melting point.
¤ HeatWave: a exhalent of steaminghot Air.
¤ Quiet Mind, quiet body: He slows down his mental state, along with his
bodily one which puts him a state that makes him appear dead.
¤Intuition: Enhanced intuition, usually heavily irritating, it allows him to feel
the emotions of those near him, and often those emotions can be
¤Physic State: He can open his mind to others, or to the universal ‘energies’,
that can allow him to gain vague information, or a clue, to an answer he
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