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Madam Iron Maiden Ex-Hangmare of Canterlot

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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
A disembodied Wing.
Founder of the Mythril Mercenary Guild.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
An Earth Pony Mare of average height and generally femenine frame, of creamy coat and a short silken Mane, and a single blood-Red eye, the other, under an eyepatch. Upon her flanks, the image of a taken freedom lays upon.
Misc Information:
WIP - This character develops through roleplaying and events.

Maiden is a sinister Mare. She is cold, calculative, and her Canterlot accent only boosts it whenever she speaks.
Strong both, physically and mentally after a long life of taking lives, the only way to hit her where it hurts is by exposing her greatest fears.
Physically due to her being an Earth Pony, and the strong rigour she has set for herself. Mentally, due to the numerous experiences in the past, both for good and ill.
She is a Mare of simple tastes -The architecture she approves and the shapes and colours of her home demonstrate such. She adores the scent of Vanilla and Cinammon.
Much like a certain rock horse, Maiden is unable to express feelings both, by voice and facial expressions, as her childhood was severely restrictive and highly focused on her duties over emotional growth.
This doesn't stop her from socializing -She still knows what to say to whom, though she cares little about the oppinions others form about her, nor the feelings she may spark with her words or actions, the ones she will voice whenever she deems necesary.
History and Details:
<p>WIP - The Import system was busted, and bringing back everything from PS will take some time. Moreso now that all that information is lost. Yey.</p>
<p>Iron Maiden, born to a lovely pair of Earth Ponies in a Rock Farm south of the White Tail Woods, sister of seven, showed a morbid interest for the use of violence in solving morally questionable conflicts since her youth -Wich was directly related to her incapability to show any emotions through her childhood.</p>
<p>She was almost like a machine, doing any tasks given with automaton-like presition and dedication, smashing rocks away since she could lift a hoof. But this didn't fullfill her, as she set her eyes on eventually applying for the jurisdictial side of the law.</p>
<p>However, due to her youth, she wasn't going to be accepted. Thusher interest swayed from farming rocks, to cutting wood, thanks to the prescence of a Lumberjack in town. The next years of cutting wood granted her the experience with the use of Axes and other sharp tools, a knowledge that she eventually applied upon her application to become a Hangmare -A job that required a cold head and little thought after each day. Maiden possessed both traits, and knew how to do the job.</p>
<p>Eventually accepted, Iron finally got to saciate her curiosity, finding little joy on each job of her newfound career, getting to travel through Equestria to do the job that only a few dare to do, as Hangmare number two out of Seven, all of them moving through the whole country to finish off criminals upon order of the judges of the Royal Ministry of Justice.</p>
<p>(More to be added)</p>
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