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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Black Chess Piece (Knight) over a crossed Sword and Compass
Military Rank:
RIA Domestic: Executive Assistant (Ex. A.)
Royal Tactician of the Vesper Court and undisclosed functionary in her Majesties intelligence apparatus.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Tall and wiry built unicorn with a Tan coat. Shorter cut pepper grey mane and tail with a light blue streak in his mane. Blue eyes.
A stiff drink, chess, music, books by Ian Flanking, and needling Captain Shank whenever possible.
History and Details:
<p><strong>MASTER PLAN</strong>&nbsp;Dossier No. U-853601 Service #: 125010</p>
<p><strong>Curriculum Vitae:</strong></p>
<p>1790 AA (Anno Astrum)- Born Heathrow, Bittish Isles to Checkmate (Sire-U) and Green Heath (Dam-E)</p>
<p>1805 AA- Attends Secondary Education at Oxenford University 1808 AA- Graduates Suma Cumlade with degrees in Political Science/Philosophy and History; Enrolls in Bittish National Guards Officer Programme</p>
<p>1810 AA- Graduates as 2nd Lieutenant with Distinction in Military Science</p>
<p>1811 AA- Promoted to 1st Lieutenant</p>
<p>1811 AA-Enrolls in Combat Casting Programme, subsequently dispelled; Commendation for original thinking</p>
<p>1813 AA- Posting Reassigned to Canterlot [Forces Restructure 853c] as a Solar Guard, as part of the reinforcement initiative in the wake of Nightmare Moon.</p>
<p>1814 AA- Publishes Treatise &ldquo;On the Balance of Political and Military Power in Equestria and Abroad."</p>
<p>1814 AA- Distinguishment in the Changeling invasion of Canterlot; Promoted to Captain</p>
<p>1814 AA- Appointed Royal Tactician to Vesper Court; Appointed <strong>REDACTED FOR STATE SECURITY]</strong>; Archival clearance [A Rank] granted</p>
<p>1814 AA- Tasked with oversight of General Forces Restructuring and Integration [FR 885b/001A] at the behest of Princess Luna.</p>
<p>1815 AA- Reenrolls in Combat Casting Programme, attains Class C classification</p>
<p>1815 AA: The Dream Wardens are formed as a trial unit. Under the guidance of Princess Luna select military and civilian ponies are sent by her magic into the dreams of other ponies to assist them with their nightmares. MP is asked to participate.</p>
<p>1815 AA- Overrides Cmd. Overwatch [Chief of Watch- Canterlot] to install press blackout in the Capitol during the &lsquo;Everfree Incident&rsquo;, deferring to the next available command authority, Princess Sparkle, until the Diarchs are both recovered</p>
<p>1816 AA- The Dream Wardens become more formalized and fully sanctioned.</p>
<p>1816 AA- Oversight of force disposition during the &lsquo;Tirek&rsquo;s Rampage&rsquo; Crisis; <strong>[INCIDENT REDACTED: See file 69023451G: S LEVEL CLEARANCE REQUIRED]</strong></p>
<p>1816 AA- Injured in raid on Selenic Cultists engaged in ritual, full recovery</p>
<p>1816 AA- The Tantabus Incident causes a temporary suspension of the Dream Wardens program while Princess Luna re-evaluates her use of dream magic. Eventually, the Wardens resume their duties.</p>
<p>1817 AA- Tasked with oversight of military asset deployment in the Mild West/Badlands region in seek and destroy operations after numerous raids by extremely well equipped marauders in the area.</p>
<p>1817 AA- With General Forces Restructuring and Integration [FR 001D], parts of branch separate military intelligences are folded into the revamped Royal Intelligence Agency (RIA). Former Night Guard title <strong>[REDACTED]</strong>&nbsp;translated to Ex. A of <strong>[REDACTED]&nbsp;</strong>division.</p>
<p><strong>Summary:</strong> Very highly intelligent and driven, Master Plan&rsquo;s mental talents set him apart from from most other ponies. A born guard, and only son of renowned chess master, Checkmate, he appears to have inherited his father&rsquo;s genius level IQ and gift for strategic thinking, as well as an adept field tactician in his own right. Highly educated, though for the most part, his early career was not overtly extraordinary before being transferred to Canterlot as a Solar Guard during part of the reinforcement initiative in the wake of Nightmare Moon. His Service Records note increasing dissatisfaction with the then current current military setup and preparedness in the capitol and abroad. This is a possible reason why his early superiors had glossed him over a number of times, as he was too critical of their command. Finally he published a treatise on the subject just prior to the Changeling Invasion. It proved to be a turning point. After winning acclaim as one of the few watch commanders to keep his posted section clear and start evacuation of civilians while outwitting coordinated drones, he was quickly scooped up by the Vesper Courts and appointed the Royal Adviser on Immediate Strategy and Tactics. In addition, he&rsquo;s been put in charge of helping to implement Princess Luna&rsquo;s Defense Overhaul initiative. Since his appointments, he has had more pro-Nightguard and Night Court leanings as a result, but his loyalty is clearly to the Equestrian state as a whole.</p>
<p><strong>Magic Evaluation:</strong></p>
<p>TK: Multivector</p>
<p>Talent Boosted Spell(s): Combat Teleportation (Note: Jumps do not require line of sight and may be interialess depending on power requirement)</p>
<p>Battle Mage [C Classification] - Subject is adept with Teleportation and little else with otherwise decent magical stamina, however such is extent of the subjects casting efficiency with the spell and creative use therefore of, even under the high stress of combat conditions, we feel compelled to issue certification. Probationary Class C is hereby granted.</p>
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