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Pegasus Pony
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Assistant Manager at Cherry Sherbet's Ice Cream shop.
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Arctic is a Ice Elemental. She has different appearances that she has. Some she hasn't seen yet.

She is a Crystal Pony / Pegasus / Ice Elemental.

Level 0: Arctic is a normal Pegasus with no hint of ice/crystal growing on her or things around her.

Level 1: Arctic has frost growing on her and is starting to look cold

Level 2: Arctic is one freezing Pegasus! Ice is forming on her as well as her appearane is changing to that of a crystal pony blended in with the ice.
Winter, Snow, Blizzards, Snow, Ice Cream, Rain, ..yeah a lot more cold things!
Misc Information:
Arctic Heart is happily Engaged with Onyx Guard. Relationships with her will be unlikely, if not non-canon. If a relationship happens, it would need to be okay with Onyx Guard. (We just need to chat with all involved to make sure everything is fine.)

The artwork of Arctic was done by: Purity/Shendoodles!

She has Latrophobia / Trypanophobia / Nosokomphobia /. Her reactions to them will vary depending on distance or mention.

She is a Ice Elemental, she has tons of ice magic at her hooves to use. You could say she is a ice bender as well. As of now, she is still discovering her abilities. Luckily she has a big training ground from her lovely stallion friend to practice her magic powers in without being bothered.

Another thing to be wary of is Black Ice, B.I is a large group of mostly crystal ponies. That will try to take back Arctic and her fellow Elementals as well as some gifted ponies.
History and Details:
<p>Arctic is a test subject for Black Ice, a organization that first started out in the Empire when Princess Amore was in power. They had branched out from the Empire to settle off into the harsh frozen wasteland. Their primary goal was to mine out the many types of crystals from the local caves around the frozen wasteland and bring them back for building materials and other things that could be made.<br /><br />The Founder of Black Ice had reason to believe there had to be more crystals like the Crystal Heart. He questioned if it was the only one of its kind. He had to find out if there were more of them.<br /><br />Once Sombra took control, he&nbsp;seized the few best mining spots that were located in the North from B.I miner ponies that were in the Empire at the time. Over time he was banished and with him the Crystal Empire vainshed into thin air from his curse. Thousands of years later the ladder and former returned.<br /><br />Arctic cannot remember her past at all. She remembers her life up to a point and past that it gets very blurry. Sometimes her past creeps up on her while she sleeps in the form of nightmares. Luna hasn't picked up on her dreams yet.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></p>
<p>==================== <br />Canon RP Story-line <br />==================== <br /><br />After decades of living on her own in the Frozen North at that facility she was then found by a stallion by the name of Onyx who saved her. After leaving the Frozen North he brought her to his house in Canterlot where she now lives. After time being around him she started to fall for him after a couple of months. She soon got in a relationship with him and 2 years later, engaged. She is still living with him in Canterlot in his house. While living with Onyx she branched out to seek a job and she found one that was most likely the best choice! Working at a Ice Cream Parlor that was owned by a lovely crystal pony named Cherry Sherbert. She loves working there and soon became assistant manager working there. &gt;&gt;More to come&lt;&lt;</p>
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