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Alicorn Pony
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A pink six pointed star with five white stars
Princess of Friendship
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Twilight Sparkle has a lavender colored coat, and also she has a pair of alicorn like wings and a long horn. Her mane is a dark bluish purple with a lighter purple streak as well as a pink one. She has bangs that go across her forehead, and also long mane toward her sides which flops onto one side wherever her head is facing. Twilight's eyes a shiny violet as well.
Misc Information:
"Hello! I'm Twilight Sparkle! It's a pleasure to meet you all! Thanks for stopping by my castle to say hello and chat! By the way, just to start off with something simple... Please don't just wander up to the castle and knock on the door and call that a starter. I really do not like it."

"Proper grammar is a must if you want me to reply. Also, no sad roleplays such as Lil Rarity, Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, or any dark roleplay with killing. I don't have a strong heart. I become sad way to easily."

"Oh- Erm... Thank you for reading! That is all!"
History and Details:
<p>Princess Twilight Sparkle is very intelligent and a natural born leader.&nbsp;While she is the "Princess of Friendship", years of toil and service to Equestria have hardened her beyond the naieve little mare she once was. Twilight maintains quite the optimistic outlook in public, though it has been said she can take quite a Machiavellian approach to solving life's darker problems.</p>
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