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<p>Alright, listen. I know what you're sayin'. "Not another kirin, oh god why." And you're right. I'm [i]not[/i] another kirin. I'm the best friggen kirin this side of the Celestial Sea! You see, I might not look the part, but I've got that dragon blood fueling me something fierce.</p>
<p>You see my father was a prismatic dragon. Not one of those usual ones you might have seen in the dragon lands, no he's practically the hermit of dragons. Lives on his own, is usually pretty cranky, breathes a prismatic spray which is liable to drive you absolutely batter, eats [i]Mounds[/i] bars... eugh.. <br /><br />Anyways, he's an ancient dragon and he's as [b]old as dirt[/b]. Every time I ask his age, he won't even tell me! He just gets all huffy and asks what happened to manners and respect from whelps in this day an age. Anyways, he and my mother, a mare, did the classic "Wait... You want to fit THAT in THERE?!" and boom, there pops out the freshest kirin you'll ever see; me.<br /><br />Now, I took a lot out of my mother side, so most don't even connect the dots here that I'm even part dragon. If it wasn't for this elongated tail, most ponies would think I'm just some crazy mared who dyed her hair every pastel color she could find in the nearest WalMare.&nbsp;<br /><br />That's not all too. I've also got my father's prismatic breath. Small doses it becomes one hell of a hallucinogen. Large doses are liable to drive someone made from taking it in... or burn them... or really anything, I don't know, I'm not the Magic professor over here. Does it even LOOK like I live in a tree? In any case, it's dangerous, and I don't use it often, but it looks pretty cool during my job.<br /><br />So, get this. Dragons like hoards. Most is usually treasure or random princesses of [insert kingdom here], but some like to specialize. Me, I'm a fan of [i]music.[/i] Been collecting different kinds from all corners of Equestria. You got something new? I'll be on that like a fly to honey. I like to play my collection at nearby clubs, remix it once in a while, stuff like that. I've even done Club Abyss in Canterlot a couple of times now.<br /><br />Anyways, feel free to hit me up if you're lookin'&nbsp; to hang or whatever. This DJ is always rarin' for some fun.</p>
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