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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
A heated sword blade emitting fire between a poleaxe head and crossbow.
Works mostly via tinkering and experimenting with her craftsmareship at the mansion. Also works for the Lunar Guard at Q Division.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
A Unicorn mare of an athletic build, a long rust brown and orange colored mane and a steel grey coat. Her horn is a bit more slim and pointed as a family trait. Her eyes are heterochromic with one being steel grey while the other being orange.

She normally wears a black leather jacket with a single missing sleeve. Along with this a decorative skirt, black leather socks on her hind legs and bright red cloth around her neck and exposed foreleg.

Though still somewhat scarred by her past Wrought's personality has generally come out thanks to new friends. The mare is a laid back but socially adventurous and fun loving mare, with a strong element of promiscuity to her nature. She is generally friendly, often flirty and seductive towards those she takes a fancy to. Towards Lovers and friends both the mare is supportive and protective, and likes to use her skills and talents to assist them. A major fear she has above all else is losing a pony she loves and cares for, and she will often prove fiercely protective should they be in danger. Should the possibility of losing them as a friend or lover come to her it can often make her cave in and be a pushover, if not break down emotionally.

A violent situation has the potential bring the cold blooded scarred side of her out, a more cold, merciless ,and calculating side.

She is also an active tinkerpony, tinkering and fiddling with anything of metal she can get her hooves on in her plentiful spare time. Often liking to build and develop upon contraptions big and small.
Weaponry(swords, polearms, medieval stuff), Armor, Smithing, Absinthe, and Tinkering.
Misc Information:
-)Misc Info:
1)Don't kill the OC
2)In a fight I can do free form or a simple dice roll, ultimately I want to keep things fair.
3)Don't be a jerk OOC
4)Erp is allowed, you don't have to be her lover but you do have to gain her interest. Just don't go for an rp JUST for ERP.
(Since the floodgates are opening more and more here's some extra rules)
5)There is not the best chance I'll be interested in a crossover character, unless they are well thought out and adapted to the universe.
6)I will usually only really rp with one of every canon character, particularly the one whom I like how they are played. A twist to the character we know is fine, but I expect you to play them well.
7)I prefer to keep in the 'theoretical canon' accepted on this site. Mostly technology that is seen on the show with some Arcano tech and steampunk.
8)I generally don't do anthro or human RP's on this site, I prefer to keep it pone.
9)Non canon rps are mostly a no, I prefer rps to contribute to my character's canon. Whenever I do, I only really do such rps with close friends. Same applies to rule 8.

I do free art Requests for practice, check out my art blog and you might get a free request as well

As well as a page for Wrought's forging business

That is all

Character Voice:

Bits: 1225

-Sidearm Crossbow
-Roundel Dagger

*-Iron and Fire Leather Jacket
-Riveted Chainmail
*-Wool tan colored shirt.
*-Steel Leg braces
*-Black painted Unicorn armor (guard/gothic style)
*-Black painted Unicorn Helm (guard/gothic style)
*-Riveted Chainmail

History and Details:
<p>AA 1762-1770 A guild of Unicorns holding magic in affinity to metal had formed in the city of Los Pegasus during the cultural Renaissance period starting in the 1760s. They became known as 'Iron and Fire', a guild of unicorns from multiple families united in their shared interest in metal and it's uses, who became more than influenced by the cultural change and spontaneity around them. Taking up interest in smithing their main interest was forging armor and weapons. They became distinguishable by their uniquely designed leather jackets built in with chainmail, using braces on the legs and their magic to give them increased physical prowess. They became well known and wealthy, making some of the best swords and metal in the city. Their most major creation would however be yet to come. Wrought was born summer of 1762, soon after the guild's founding as daughter to two of it's founders. She grew up mostly under the influence of the spurring cultural renaissance as well as the smithing and tinkering of her parents. As a young child she quickly discovered her rather versatile creative talent with metal bending, soon gaining her cutie mark and finding a solid place in the guild.</p>
<p>AA 1770-1779 Tinkering with an old carriage they decorated and used for quite some time, forging and using parts based on the steam powered engines of trains, and dabbling in utilizing magic crystals Iron and Fire had developed an engine powered Carriage run by steam generated by water heated by magical crystals. Quickly they developed this invention and astounded ponies with their creations of carriages which almost drove themselves. This invention was kept a closely guarded secret among the guild, one which they continue to tinker with and improve alongside their smithing activities. As a young child this new invention enthralled young Wrought was very involved with the tinkering that followed this new invention. The filly soon knew the workings and also involved herself with decorating the carriages with skillfully crafted silver and gold inlays. As she reached her teens her more cool and collected though fun loving and adventurous nature started to come into full form.</p>
<p>AA 1779-1787 Wrought, as she entered adulthood, fully matured as she reached her adulthood, living the height of her life. An absinthe drinking, fun loving, wise cracking, somewhat crass but still civil, yet still keeping a cool and collective demeanor. She enjoyed forging weapons, having parties with her Guild, building and driving steam carriages, and even partaking in some more private fun. Sadly these days, as wonderful as they were, would slowly but surely begin to fade. With their power and prestige and having learned well in the use of a variety of weapons the Guild began to fall into a state of corruption, beginning to partake in activity of the criminal kind. Soon enough they started to become feared within the city, even by those in authority there. Violently bringing down any who might threaten their power and wealth. Until...</p>
<p>AA 1787 Her glory days seemed to pass, ponies she once loved and cared for became vicious and criminal thugs. She still had good days with them, seeing the family she grew up with. However more and more, very quickly she saw them fall from classy guild with attitude to a fearsome gang. She tried to deny it, tried to build an illusion that the madness wasn't there, and thus came her sanity's downward spiral. Soon the parties, the smithing, the carriages, it all lost it's magic and charm as she saw and knew and almost took part in the violence and criminality that had overtaken the Guild. Wrought, along with a few others not corrupted by the wealth and power, including her parents decided to turn against the guild and bring the madness to an end in hopes to reform it in the end. Thus they betrayed their fellow guildsponies and turned to the Royal guard, concocting a plan to bring the criminality to an end. Things however did not go as planned, and many a guard was killed. A few of the Guild had escaped, and started hunting the traitors down until only Wrought was left alive. In vengeance for those she trusted, Wrought went on a hunt for the remnants, killing them all without mercy. Soon she found and stole the hidden magnum opis of the Guild's carriages, painted in black, reinforced in metal, and with the most powerful engine of steam made by the guild.</p>
<p>The Interceptor, a carriage she helped to create. Taking it she went out on her hunt for them. Wrought began to lose her sanity, many she once loved and cared for as family either turned into corrupt thugs or killed in cold blood. Thus she hunted coldly, without mercy, and slew them all. The last pony she faced was the Guildmaster, turned corrupt with the rest they rode their carriages out of Los Pegasus in a violent fight. The high speed fight would enter the deserts in the Mild West, and soon lead to both crashing as Wrought slew the pony she once knew as a leader and family.</p>
<p>AA 1787- While the Guildmaster died, Wrought fell into a miraculous accidental stasis, her body kept alive by the carriage's magic gems for 30 years by sheer impossible chance.</p>
<p>AA 1817- Wrought awakens, rescued by a lunar guard and adapting herself to a new time.</p>
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