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Photography, food, travel. Basically anything someone with too much free time would be into.
Only marginally taller than the average stallion, his ever straight posture gives him the appearance of having a significant height advantage. Slender, but superbly cut, this stallion's plush coat of thick gray fur conceals the definitions in his muscular tissue.

Although his years in the service put a cynical twist to his everyday perception of life, he is still very much able to enjoy himself. Often times he carries himself with a surprisingly pleasant demeanor, trying his best to be kind when he can but firm when necessary. Of course, he wasn't always this way. There was a time where he was exclusively rude and crass. Some of you may remember this. Luckily, our little purple headed darling has matured greatly since then.

For a description of his face see avatar.
Misc Information:
I'm pleased to say that I find rules unnecessary because we all seem to be on the same page about things. One thing that I feel like I still need to point out is that most replies should, at the very least, be one paragraph in length.

Regarding Fruity's Military Service
-Full Canon: DUEE (Delegation for the United Equestrian Empires)
Similar to the UN but with its own standing military and territories. Most commonly known for carrying out the dirty work of the royal sisters. Member of the unit responsible for the Changeling Genocide.

-Half Canon (Canon Equestria): Solar Guard. Present during the Changeling's assault on Canterlot. (Retired - Sergeant First Class)

Other Info:
- Owns one third of Cender's ass.
History and Details:
The following follows a strictly canon-Equestria timeline.
Fruity’s Parents:
Hedelma Siliconant, Fruity’s mother, originated from a rogue tribe of unicorn living in the Frozen North. For generations, her family has occupied the caves not far from the Crystal Empire. However, they were not blind to the world beyond the frozen landscape, as it was not uncommon for some to venture off now and again. In fact, by the time Hedelma was born, most remained in the caves due to tradition and comfort.

Platinum Loops, Fruity’s Father, was born into one of Canterlot’s lesser known aristocratic families. Their lack of fame wasn’t due to poor representation of the royal front, but voluntary secrecy as many members of the family took part in many of the Solar Empire’s internal affairs. Platinum wouldn't follow suit for he had a more eccentric passion. Music, or rather, discovering good music. He had an undeniable ear for it and at the age of twenty-one, with the help of the family’s finances, opened his own recording studio. From there he signed on with many artists that became grand successes. But like most stories of fame, his success began to plateau around age twenty-five, where he would meet a most interesting mare.

At the height of Platinum’s success, Hedelma had begun to grow weary of life in the caves as many of her siblings had decided to venture out. If it weren’t for her mother’s many sisters and their children remaining in the cave, she would have been much more reluctant to leave but as fate would have it, this was not the case and at the prime age of twenty-three she began her adventure. An adventure that would soon bring her to the streets of Canterlot and into the arms of a very successful individual.

In a matter of four years, the two ponies, Hedelma now twenty-seven and Platinum twenty-nine had started a small family. Two foals of opposite sexes yet nearly identical were blessed upon the two. The male would be given the name Fruity, a playful translation of his mother’s name and the girl, Record a reference to her father’s occupation.

Early Education: Right away, Fruity’s magical abilities seemed to catch his parent’s attention. Though being very young, Fruity’s magical actions seemed very controlled and deliberate as if directly related to conscious thought. Atypical from most magical youngsters who lacked control over their abilities. It wouldn’t be long until he was poised to audition for entry into Celestia’s School for the Gifted.

Pre-teen: It seems that throughout his life Fruity has always managed to come out at just above average, but not quite excelling. It proved useful in school as it was enough to keep his superiors off his back, though they would still encourage him to excel further. Fruity would continue this pattern until his graduation from the Royal school had come about. He did not qualify for a private apprenticeship with the princess.

Adolescence and Tragedy:
After exiting Celestia’s private institution he would go on to attend Canterlot Academy, a relatively normal school .primarily occupied by the gifted and children of the wealthy. Despite Fruity originating from somewhat lax parents, he would express much interest in the Royal Underguard Program. (Similar to ROTC?) However, he wouldn’t pursue such things until later, at the age of fourteen.

Later meaning the execution of his parents. While the occurrence of such a tragedy was sudden, his parents had been rather open about their dealings with the royals, including his mother’s development of silicon. A revolutionary development in technology. That their deaths weren’t too surprising, that isn’t to say he wasn’t completely devastated.

While all these raw feelings simmered within the young stallion, he realized he had a choice. He could wallow in the darkness forever, or he could put all this angst and anger into something productive. Which he did, joining the Royal Underguard Program and using sheer aggression as a means of motivation, following this path until his enlistment into the Solar Guard at the age of seventeen.

Young Adulthood:
After six years in the guard, he would receive an honorable discharge after sustaining notable injuries during the Changeling Queen’s assault on Canterlot. From there at the considerably young age of twenty-two, he’d move to Ponyville with his portion of the inheritance to contemplate what else he may want to do with his life.

Currently: Now twenty-seven, Fruity is running a fairly successful photography studio. However, this is merely downtime, as the death of his parents left many unanswered questions that he only now became adamant on investigating.
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