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RULES! YAY! (not)

- Sophie is in general a happy mare that's always finds a way to make herself laugh, please be so kind and treat her with respect since she's doing the same to your OC

-please be so nice to ask me if I want to RP before you send me a starter.

-I'm most of the time busy.. making music.. work and such things, so please don't get mad or sad if I don't answer you right away..

-when I hug you then I like your OC or I like you in general :3

- Have fun :)
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<p>When Sophie was born she was left on the doorstep to the Ponyville Orphanage. The Owner of the orphanage, Happy Heart, found her alone, crying and dirty. Happy Heart immediately took her to the police station in an attempt to find her real parents. After two weeks of searching they came up empty hooved and Happy Heart took her in as an orphan and placed her with the other fillies and colts. She quickly made friends with a blue stallion, 'Blue Shining'. During her years in the orphanage Sophie was a target for bullies, Blue would frequently stand up for her. The rest of her life was uneventful up until high school where she was an even bigger target for bullies. Blue was unable to stick up for her as much due to the fact that he was placed in Special Educational classes. After high school they were hesitantly forced to leave by a very sad Happy Heart due to the strict age policy. In desperation she picked up a night shift job at a grocery store as a shelf stocker which paid enough to get a small house. After several months of living in her house the rent was raised and with no other options she was forced to start working as a freelancer. [b]Known Aliases:[/b] Soap, Soph [b]Likes:[/b] music, laughing, party, disco, being silly, friends, happy mood [b]Dislikes:[/b] bad weather, bad mood</p>
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