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Earth Pony
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A little hot pink coloured bow with three little hearts underneath it.
Fashion model, cuddle enthusiast.
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Pink is an average heighted mare, who is best described as being a gushy ball of love and emotion. From the bright pink coloured coat she has, the large, soft auburn mane styled carefully into curls, she is designed for cuddling and loving. Her round, youthful face is framed by her side bangs, which usually hang over one of her eyes. A large, floppy pink bow rests on her bangs, while a little black mole accents the side of her other eye. Pink's eye colour is a deep magenta colour.
She wears a pair of lace socks on her forehooves, underneath is a few layers of medical bandages and gauze to hide and also bring relief to her injuries. Due to this, she is known to slip on surfaces such as hard wood floors quite a lot along with sometimes having a bit of a limp in her walk.
Her tail is similar to her mane, being full of very thick auburn curls and waves. It is very long.
In general, her overall style is heavily inspired by the mod style from the 60's. Wearing heavy eye makeup and long false lashes to make her already wide eyes appear larger, she has a doll-like aesthetic. Her mane's height and length is not natural, it is achieved due to extensions, along with the length of her tail.
Misc Information:
I try not to have many rules per say, besides the typical ones. My biggest 'rule' is really to be polite to me OOC, and that includes no harassment. Whether that means you disagree with something regarding RP, myself or I am not replying fast enough for you, please just do not harass me. I have already received a fair amount of stress from horse sites in the past for these sorts of things, and it is bothersome to me.
I'd like to think for the most part I'm pretty laid back, but please don't take advantage of that.
History and Details:
<p>Pink hails from Trottingham, born into a family of old money. After a childhood of being 'raised' by very emotionally distant and passive parents, she began to desire to distance herself from them. Having been a very sickly filly, her parents couldn't really be bothered to deal with her various health and mental health issues. Most of her issues were passed down from previous generations, the main being that her state was pretty frail for a long amount of time. Not living up to her family's strict and conservative expectations, Pink finally broke free from them just before her 18th birthday, and moved to Ponyville for a short while. Living modestly for awhile, the young mare was unsatisfied with her new life. Unable to go home since her family had cut her off from their lives and her share of their fortune, she had to forge a new way of living. It was never easy, but she had a burning passion within her, being determined to make something of herself. Although her sights had been initially set on acting, opportunity came in the form of a stallion she met one day. He introduced himself as Pencil Pusher, and offered to recommend her to the modeling agency he worked for. Taking a chance, Pink had originally planned to use modeling as her 'starting' point and build off of that. However, after shoots, she realized how much she enjoyed being a model. Abandoning her casual life in Ponyville for a higher class lifestyle, she spent the next few years traveling around wherever opportunity arose for work. This proved to be an effective method, not having any ties anywhere. Pretty soon, more shoots and offers came up, especially with Pen working at her side as a manager. However, a successful career could not hold off more negative feelings within her for long. After a failed relationship and losing a few foals, Pink fell into a deep depression. This was around when her manager crossed the barrier and stepped up to be a father figure to her. Right now she is simply getting over troubles in her life and become more stable with her emotions.</p>
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