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Earth Pony
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A panda pony
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<p>&diams; Pandora is mainly to be Found at a calming forest or fields where bamboo grows but she lives inside a cave of the deep forest.</p>
<p>x - Pandora&rsquo;s assets are..</p>
<p>a pandabeanie, some bits, some peaches and a bamboo plush</p>
<p>She can often be as happy as you think she is or as depressed as ever. &nbsp;<br />Her eyes are always dull and she has eyebags.. but panda has a lot of love for animals, bamboo, drawing and spending time with ponies. &nbsp;<br />She can be socially awkward so ponies that give her time fit better with her and she will do her best to give advice and be there for others.. but sometimes, she's the one that needs help. &nbsp;<br />She also loves plucking peaches and eating them.. aswell as sharing them but most ponies don't seem interested. &nbsp;<br />Pandora is absolutely terrified of spiders, ponies leaving, being all alone. she hates these things and doesn't mean to hurt the ponies around her by her sometimes.. blunt ways of speaking. She tries her best to change. &nbsp;<br />The scars on her face were caused by a painfull fall as a foal. She's had stitches there as a small foal and that is why they show this much.</p>
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