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Cherry Sherbert
Crystal Pony
Cutie Mark:
An Ice Cream Cone
Owns an ice cream parlor in Canterlot.
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Image: ... alpgxq.png
Misc Information:
-Is a crystal earth pony

-Is currently single

-I have been doing RP for a while now. I like to RP with anyone and will try to be flexible to fit your style.

-I will do pretty much any style of RP. I like to do a lot of my RP's in chatrooms. I will also do RP's in PM, or IM.

-I do not like Fallout/Zombie RP's, and I do not like a lot of gore.

-I prefer proper grammar in RP's as much as possible. I will enjoy RP's more if you try to use good grammar.

-No god modding. It's just rude to do things to other characters that they can't do anything about. Just don't.

-Please send me a starter in PM, or just IM me if you would like to RP. I will often be hanging out in the chatrooms.
History and Details:
<p>Cherry's life as a young filly was pretty normal. She made lots of friends and got into plenty of trouble. She gained her cutie mark at a fairly young age and she loved to make (and eat) ice cream all the time. When Sombra took over the crystal empire Cherry and her family became separated. One of her friends took her away to a safe area in the city and she ended up joining a small resistance group. There numbers were far too few to do much, but they fought to help the ponies under the evil king Sombra's rule. During this time she lost a lot of friends, and had many trials that she had to go through, until at last the kingdom disappeared under Sombra's curse. Upon the city reappearing Cherry's memory, like all the others was mostly lost and all she could remember were a few memories from the time of Sombra that she would rather not remember. Twilight and her friends came and lifted the curse at the crystal fair, and finding the crystal heart, bringing her memories back.. Or at least mostly with the rest of the crystal ponies. However the memories still pained her and so she left with her cart to go travel the world and hopefully forget or come to grip with her memories. She eventually settled down in canterlot, opening up a small ice cream parlor where she still has and takes care of to this day.</p>
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