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Party Crasher "DJ Indica"

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Earth Pony
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A Red Solo Cup
Disc Jockey (DJ), Musician, Professional Party Animal
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Ask Me
Character Image:
-Trippy Art
-Sleeping for too long, or not sleeping enough
-Junk Food
-Neon Colors
-Club Abyss
-The color blue
-Formal Dances
-Formal Wear
Misc Information:
Im not a real musician IRL lmao but I can make a fire mixtape. My personal pronouns are He/Him so please refer to me with those when ooc.

Party Crasher is a pony version of an anthro OC of mine.
She goes by DJ Indica most of the time.

Base Made By:

-Don't god mod. You do not control DJ and I would like for you to respect that. If you need DJ to do something in order for you to continue your response, just ask me.
-Responses need to be interesting but not always 100 paragraphs. I don't expect you to send 3 paragraphs each response and you shouldn't expect that from me. Longer doesn't always mean better! But starters should be longer than normal responses.
-If you get stuck, you can always ask me to write an extra bit more to give you some more ideas on how to respond. I should be able to do the same with you.
-Do not expect me to ERP without adding any story/plot or significance to it.
-I'm not interested in a romance RP right now. Please respect that. Maybe after a well thought out RP happens we can discuss romance.
-Please keep it interesting. Time skips are okay here and there. Just ask!
-Respect my boundaries and I will respect yours. Let me know of any triggers or squicks beforehand.

Types of RPs I do:
-Short Stories
-Anything really, but slice of life. It would have to be very interesting if we were to do a slice of life.

!!Triggers and Squicks!!
-Feet(In the case of Human AU/Anthro)
History and Details:
<p>TRIGGER WARNINGS (Rape, Abuse) Indica grew up in a single parent household with one older brother and three older sisters. Her father was always working hard to make ends meet for the family. At a young age her brother also joined the workforce to help provide for them. Indica aspired to be a musician and could always be found listening to or writing music.For her 18th birthday Indica&rsquo;s father and brother pulled together enough money to buy her a personal computer and some blank CDs. This would be the time where Indica would step into the world of mixtapes and composing. Indica&rsquo;s music and mixtapes would soon be handed out at a local record shop for sometime before she would be recognized by a popular club&rsquo;s owner. The owner offered her first gig as a DJ for his club which proved to be very successful. This would be the beginning of Indica&rsquo;s bright future. Indica gained a following after a couple of gigs at the club she started out at(King&rsquo;s Nightclub). These followers shared his work which would be the spark to start a wildfire. More and more clubs would start to notice her work and gain interest. She was hired for more and more gigs at multiple clubs part time, but that would soon change to full time.Indica moved out and got her own apartment in the city. Things were looking up for the longest time until she met her now former partner Corie. They hit it off right away and things seemed perfect, until a few months in that is. Slowly Corie became more and more secretive and aggressive. They would yell about everything and they would resort to violence quickly to get a point across or to intimidate. Indica would keep the abuse a secret from everyone for a few months until the night that Corie had assaulted and raped her. Indica had no other choice than to tell her family about the abuse and rape. She couldn&rsquo;t bare the weight of the situation for any longer. Corie was arrested after a long battle in the courtroom and sentenced to a life in prison. It would take years for Indica to trust someone on an intimate level again. Indica was left with the emotional scars from Corie but would slowly regain her trust and faith in others with help.</p>
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