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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
A Silver Kite Shield
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RIA Anomalies: Special Agent (Sp.A.)
The Everfree Forest
See Military Rank.
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Violent (No NSFW)
Silver is not a particularly large stallion; he is actually slightly lower than average height for a male, and though he has some training in martial arts, he is not very strong or muscular, though he is fit and keeps in shape with daily exercise. Fortunately, strength is generally not too important when using the martial arts. He is highly coordinated with good balance and reflexes, and tends to compensate his weaknesses with magic.

Silver's magical aura is bright green, the same color as his eyes. Most of the time he will hold a neutral expression on his face. Emotional expressions used to be reserved for the most extreme of feelings, for Silver. A barely noticeable twitch of his lips was the equivalent of a big smile. He is getting better at this with time, but is still very reserved.

Silver's voice is lower than his size would lead one to believe. He speaks with a slight Canterlot accent, which he has tried to suppress his entire adult life, with only partial success.
Silver enjoys doing his job. A lot. Maybe too much. He also enjoys taking walks by himself through Canterlot, especially at night when there are fewer ponies around.

Other interests besides his job include his own personal magical research, delving deep into (slightly forbidden but not technically illegal) eldritch knowledge, securing his house against supernatural hitmen, and...sigh. Deep down, he enjoys snuggles. He will never admit that to just anyone, though.
Misc Information:
Everything that happens to Silver on EEA will be canon only on EEA, and will not be applicable to other role playing sites and/or situations, this is to prevent complications and RPs growing stale across multiple websites, since as canon becomes more defined, the opportunities for good role play become less.

tl;dr: What happens on EEA stays on EEA

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History and Details:
<h2 class="western" style="text-align: center;">Personality</h2>
<p>At first glance, it might seem as though Silver has no personality whatsoever. He shows little emotion, he has a one track mind for his job, he has few close friends, and he does not seem to enjoy 'fun' as most ponies would define it; that is, partying, a night out on the town, socializing or small talk. He is not an ordinary pony, to be sure. However, look a little deeper, and you may find he is more than just another monotone guard, or grouchy party pooper. There are many things ponies can learn from him, and even more things he needs to be taught and shown; he might think he knows it all, but he doesn't. And remember that everypony needs some love, even when they don't think they do.&nbsp; Even when they are afraid of it.</p>
<p>Silver has a reason for keeping mostly stern, professional and neutral, but if you can get him to share it, kudos to you. He doesn't like to talk about it, ever, really.</p>
<h2 class="western" align="center">Education</h2>
<p>As a young pony, Silver was educated at the highest quality school that money could purchase, because of his wealthy upbringing. He learned from 'the best'. However, he has had no further education than the Equestrian equivalent of high school, and only did so because of the requirements of the Royal Guard, due to the fact that he ran away from home at 14.&nbsp; He does not believe that he needs any further "official" education (he is happy with his job), and furthermore, Silver is of the opinion that universities are for ponies who cannot teach themselves; easily more than 75% of Silver's magical knowledge is self-taught through library books and experiements he runs by himself (as well as takes notes on), and it is evident in his somewhat unusual manner of casting certain spells.</p>
<h2 class="western" align="center">Strengths and Weaknesses</h2>
<p>Silver is very skilled in logic, and perhaps oddly, he is also relatively good at psychoanalysis. This makes keeping secrets from him a little difficult, and it's even more difficult to tell if you are being successful in keeping it a secret, as he often will not react to something in the same way that other ponies might (or react at all). He is also a bit more paranoid than most ponies, thanks to his personal history as well as his job, and tends to overanalyze everything.</p>
<p>Silver is very adept at combat magic, mostly defensive. He knows some healing spells. He does have long range teleportation, for travel, but his spell is a larger and more complex one than Twilight's (albiet more efficient), and so he cannot use it frivolously at short range as she can, and it can only be used to travel to places he has already been or seen. Furthermore, it takes about two minutes to cast, so he cannot use it to escape hairy situations very well, unless that situation is imprisonment, which doesn't happen often. Usually his enemies just want him dead.</p>
<p>As for weaknesses, Silver's biggest flaw aside from his personality is that he will give almost anypony a second chance. And a third chance. And a tenth chance. Silver sees the potential for good in everypony, much like the Princess he is sworn to, and unless their soul is as black as night, he will spare their lives after defeating them, and even release them, though he may keep an eye on them for some time. He hates killing, and believes that evil cannot be fought with evil.</p>
<p>Another 'weakness' is probably in sexual relationships, and anything to do with them. Silver can be quite the charmer, when he wants to be (not all the time).&nbsp; However, while romance is something he greatly enjoys, he will probably panic inwardly the moment sex comes up.&nbsp; To him, it indicates an intimacy that should not be broken, it is tantamount to marriage.&nbsp; He has shared this part of himself only a few select times, and each time, his partner left him, and he ended up feeling betrayed.&nbsp; Performing such an act shows that he is putting an enormous amount of trust in his partner, which must be earned, and cannot be given out freely.</p>
<h2 class="western" align="center">Backstory/History</h2>
<p>Silver grew up in Canterlot, the son of two very rich ponies. However, he despised high society as a child. He hated the family politics, the lavish wastes of money that they called parties, the flattery and the backstabbing; none of it resonated with him, and most of the time, the young colt was irritated by it. What Silver liked was learning, expanding his mind, and in particular, magic. He would make excuses, pretend to be sick, anything to stay home from another night spent telling ponies how FABULOUS their mane looked, or that their new coat was simply DIVINE. He read books instead, teaching himself more than most little colts knew at that age. He was not a prodigy, but he was motivated and he had a lot of time on his hooves. This is when he got his cutie mark, a shield! At the time, he was sure it represented the fact that his favorite spells were shielding spells. However, it went a little deeper than that, almost as if it were a prophecy.</p>
<p>His parents encouraged him very often to play with a filly named Gold Nova, but one day, at the age of 14, he and Gold discovered why: their parents wanted them to get married when they were older, to "strengthen family ties". Silver knew enough to know that this was power play. Not technically an arranged marriage, of course; those were illegal. But the nobility found a way around the law, as it tended to, and it was effectively the same thing. Silver didn't dislike Gold, but neither of them really felt that way about one another. The next day, Silver announced that he was becoming part of the Royal Guard to his parents, to their dismay. They attempted to bribe and blackmail him out of it, and when he refused to listen, they told him they would not support this decision financially. Silver, too stubborn to back down, went anways, now penniless and alone.</p>
<p>Fortunately he was accepted into the Guard, living in the barracks as he had no home or family anymore, and he rose in the ranks relatively quickly as his job became his life, and the guards his family, in a way. One day after a particularly traumatic event, followed by a spectacular display of mastery, Silver was offered a promotion by the Princess herself; a chance to enter the RIA. He was old enough, having turned 18 two weeks ago, and the job seemed to him not only a chance to move up in the world, but to avenge the deaths that had happened that day, and make sure nothing like that ever happened again. From that day forward, he took as many solo tasks as he could, distancing himself from his comrades whenever he was forced to work with other ponies.</p>
<p>This allowed him, to his surprise, to build somewhat of an acquaintanceship with the Princess. His promotion allowed him to witness her far more regularly, and she was not at all what he had expected her to be; to be honest, he'd thought she would be like his parents, and the rest of the nobility. Driven even more by his new knowledge that the Princess he served was kind, intelligent, and knew what she was doing, when he was sent on missions outside Canterlot, he did them to the greatest of his ability. Celestia became his idol; Silver strove in to become like the Princess in every way short of growing wings and ruling a country. She was a role model to him, the replacement for the caring and virtuous parents he had never had. Of course, his experience was very limited. He had rarely travelled outside Canterlot before, and now he was doing it almost constantly. He had a lot to learn.</p>
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