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Glitter Brightstar

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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
A Balloon with a star in the middle
Owns and operates Sugarcube Corner bakery.
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Glitter Brightstar is purplish pink unicorn with a curly purple mane and tail, her cutie mark is a balloon with a star in the middle.
Baking, playing pranks and throwing parties.
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Rp rules: don't be rude, don't break the fourth wall unless your a character known for doing that, have fun!

Notes: Glitter Brightstar is not as dumb as she seems...
History and Details:
<p>Glitter Brightstar was born in Canterlot and used to go by Sunset Brightstar until it was legally changed by her parents, Glitter Brightstar was a very hyper little filly and often got into a lot of trouble until her parents decided to homeschool her, they wanted Glitter Brightstar to be a very brilliant mare when she grew up, sadly for them fate had other plans,when Glitter Brightstar observed a bunch of youngs fillies and colts playing tag, she was suddenly struck with inspiration and decided to liven up her dull and boring life and throw a surprise party which went so well that she had gained her cutie mark for it but not before casting her first spell which made a balloon appear, her parents were so proud of her and decided to enroll her into Princess Eclipse Moon's school for the Gifted Youth, it was there that she met Dianne Pie. The two became good friends and despite their differences they became good friends. They had passed every test that came their way, however it was Glitter Brightstar herself who passed the final test which was hatching a dragon egg, The Princess was surprised and offered Glitter a proposal for her to become her personal student to which she declined and passed it on to Dianne Pie instead, she then went off to Ponyville where she now currently lives. She is the owner and operator of the&nbsp; Sugercube Corner bakery.</p>
<p>She is a version of Twilight that was created when said mare attempted to switch her own mind with that of Pinkie Pie's,It didn't go well...</p>
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