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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
Rust red metal heart torn down the middle to reveal a trio of black gears.
Owns a budding artificer shop that fixes and sells mechanical devices. Inherited the shop from her father who built it from the ground up.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Enigma is short with a squat stature. Her features are fairly plain almost homely but she is expressive and sports a confident twinkle in her chocolate brown eyes. Her pelt a dull brass color and her mane (kept short and always styled in a neat bun) is rust red. Wears special glasses due to shortsightedness which doubles as a magnifying glass through swiveling lenses. (manufacturered them herself.) Due to her passionate work ethic Enigma tends to be underweight and slightly malnourished as she is like to spend hours even days locked in her workshop.
History and Details:
Enigma grew up watching with stark fascination of her father's work since she could form complete sentences. She would often wile her early foalhood days in her father's shop watching and learning how he fixed light fixtures, mechanical carriages, and the odd plumbing system for wealthier merchants. She' d always been close to her father and slowly picked up what she was taught. She had a mind early on for solving the problems. When she wasn't helping her father she was playing with puzzle boxes of Gryphosi and Zebrican styles. She had a knack for the puzzles and picked up how to solve them fairly quickly. She had a love for taking apart and learning how things worked. Many times her parents would find her in the basement or in the back of her father's shop picking apart the steam pumps or the magi-fixtures (a collection of gem born matrices that provide power to lights, and pluming.).

Enigma had an odd relationship with her mother who was a shrewd and poised mare from a disgraced noble family. Almost cold, Enigma's mother tried (and failed) to instill a Lady's Dignity into Enigma. She had little interest in her youth, but her mother had a quick wit and sharp tongue, acting as the face of her father's shop. She haggled for supplies and services with an efficiency that spoke of a devious mind, shame handled all such affairs due to her husband's naivety. In Enigma's adolescence she grew to respect her mother's silver tongue going so far as to want to learn. Her mother obliged on the condition Enigma act like a lady rather than an 'oil stained ruffian'.

While Enigma was indeed bright and vastly curious she was by no means a prodigy. What knowledge she retained was by hard work and years of study. In her foalhood she aspired to enter Celestia's school for gifted unicorns after learning that a good friend had gotten in. Through this friend she found a love for arcane theory (or the beginnings of it). She couldn't make heads or tails of the symbols and numbers her friend was able to sum up and map out but it was the mystery, she saw it as another puzzle to unravel. She and her friend worked to get her an application but when Enigma learned that she would be unable to attend merely because she was an earth pony, a flame was lit. Enigma chose then to become one of Equestria's leading minds in both the arcane and artifice. She became extremely ambitious this driving her to persue doctorates in several fields of magic such as arcane theory, lithomancy, and allomancy.

Upon graduating from the Mirehall University, a highly prestigious college in Canterlot, she would persue apprenticeships with the great great Gryphosi artificers across the sea and explore the vast deserts of the Zebra tribes learning all she can of the physical and metaphysical worlds. All the while she would keep in constant contact with her family, particularly her father who she was in constant contact with and would visit often bribing some new technique or contraption to add to her father's repertoire. For her mother she brought back knock knacks and jewels, bringing a light to the old mare's eyes that she'd never seen before. Enigma's traveling was made possible by the relative success her father's shop was experiencing as an industrial era was sweeping across Equestris at the time

During a particularly long expedition she received word that her father was on his death bed. She returned just in time to hear his last words. At the reading of his will Enigma was given ownership of the shop. Enigma wishes to bring the shop up and make it a major corporation.

Enigma is just that, an enigma. She fixates on her work with a zeal that is often unhealthy but can be extremely lazy when dealing with her companies less fun affairs (book keeping, management, the general day to day). The death of her father, a constant in her life, brought on her desire to hold ponies at arm's length, adopting a cold detachment when she's not careful. She tends to wear a mask of easy smiles and jovial conversation selling the image of the go getter. She is savvy in business and cut throats willing to sacrifice anything to her ambitions. She has become something of the focus of gossip among the nobility as she is the daughter of a commoner and a disgraced peer of the Solar Court, many believing her to be a wide-eyed naive little mare. Enigma sees everything from her work to the world and the ponies in it as puzzles to be solved and comes at every challenge with an almost childlike enthusiasm.
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