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Thestral Pony
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Fire Drake
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Celestial Guard: Lieutenant (Lt)
Celestial Guard
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This bat stallion is like the classic, generic dark charcoal, golden eye'd bat pony. He has scared tissue around his body in which is marked by white fur. Asking about the scars provokes a mixed response from Kadai as it brings up the history of his time within the Badlands which is the source of his insatiable anger.

His cutie mark is the head of a white drake placed upon his haunches. It signifies his kill within the arena of a fighting pit in the Badlands. With naught but himself and his crafted battleaxe, soon named Oath Keeper, Kadai slew a drake in front of a crowd.
Misc Information:
Kadai Montanya owns a small private estate east of Luna Bay in which is more or less his own heaven.

Chose a new, very fitting voice for the bat horse.


The bat is very slow to anger, but when he does get angry, he explodes. He is laid back, analytical, and unintentionally interrogates everypony he talks to. He tests everypony, exploiting their weaknesses, measuring their strengths. Sometimes he makes rash and bold decisions, but to him, its for the best, otherwise he takes his time coming to a decision; thinking about every consequence and outcome.

Kadai is a very talented leader, knowing what pleases those who work for him, and what displeases them. He gets close with those he works alongside to gauge their strengths and weaknesses to better understand them.

His charismatic skills are impeccable. A few words with the silver tongue can bring ponies to his cause.. or.. strike fear straight into the heart. He can be very intimidating when needed, and will resort to violence if it is needed.
History and Details:
<p>Born to Gladhrion Montanya and Adelise Montanya, brother to the two year old at the time Eliana Montanya, Kadai Montanya was brought into the world from the perspective of a rebellion. Gladhrion and Adelise were both devout followers of Nightmare Moon in which they served her faithfully by doing their part within the Nightmare Rebellion to ensure the return of the one true Queen of the Eternal Night. They say that Gladhrion was a charismatic leader that could inspire hope and fervor even in the most dire situations. The faith he had within his own company, and within the forces of the rebellion is what held him so high in regard among his peers. He sported a dark brown, near jet black mane with eyes that were as green as an emerald, and that shone with the desire of victory. His coat was a sleek dark charcoal that was well kept. Even though he was hard and tough as nails at times, he was a such not because he wanted to be, he had to be to lead forces against such overwhelming odds. Adelise could not have been more of a perfect match to Gladhrion as she too, was charismatic in way that her honey soothing voice could almost inspire the injured to jump out of their bandages. Story has it that the soldiers always said that her mane was on fire upon the battlefield as she always kept her mane down instead of tying it back. She also had deep gold eyes that could stare into one's soul and make a pony feel warm if they looked into her eyes. Despite what ponies say about the former Nightmare Forces, Adelise was kind, and cared for those she served with. She fought so hard to end the war so they could live in peace for her foals to grow and live safely. Both were officers that conducted hit and run raids upon the Solar guard and Celestia with the other rebellion cells throughout Equestria. They were always careful, but there was always a bigger, badder fish out in the sea. Upon returning to their hidden encampment out in the Badlands, they were tailed by a highly trained Solar Guard scout. Within a fortnight, the small rebel encampment was surrounded by a Legion of Solar Guards and were given the opportunity to surrender. Even though he had been trained with a sword by his father, Kadai was still only twelve years of age when the forces of two came. Adelise had their quickest and strongest flier take Eliana to flee while Gladhrion took a contingent of his forces to hold back the fury of the Solar Guard. That was the last time he saw his father. Kadai's mother came to personally take him away but was soon surrounded by several large ponies in golden armor. He watched as his mother fought to protect her son as he barely noticed hooves grabbing around him, armored in the ebony of the Nightmare Forces. Quickly he was picked up into the air, but those wide eyed golden hues never moved from his mother, the grace of her form fighting with valor and vigor so that her family could escape. He watched as her fiery red mane flowed as if on fire as she fought on against impossible odds as more and more Solar Guards surrounded her. He could still remember her cry of pain as a lance ran her through. He could remember her looking up at him as he was picked higher and higher from the guard that would save his life, smile, and give him one last loving look a mother could give before his tears clouded his vision into nothing but a blur. Though escape was so near, it was not to be. The last thing Kadai had remembered about the attack was a whoosh of air, the crackle of magical energy, and explosion, falling.. then darkness. -- When the foal awoke, he felt the roughness of steel clamped around his neck. Shaking the grogginess off, he remembered that look upon his mother's face as if she was still in front of him which made him panic. Getting up, he began to run but was tugged back onto his haunches by a steel chain attached to the clamp around his neck which made him cough violently. Was he captured? Where was he? Where was father.. mother.. Eliana? Fighting back the well of tears, he looked around and found himself in a slaver camp. It turns out that the Solar Guard smashed the resistance in the area and left the rest for dead in which slavers moved in and captured any survivors and made use of the arms and armor. From here on out Kadai's memory blanks out in places, but he remembers being sold into slavery where he was told to obey, or he would be beat. He was beat anyways. Beat into obedience and loyalty to his masters. He worked with a smith that made arms, armor, and repaired the gear for slavers with a slaver camp in the badlands. For years he worked the forge obediently, not because he learned his place, but because he was bidding his time until it was the right moment to take advantage of. During his years, he did pick up skills. He learned how to craft blades of all kinds and designs, as with learning how to wield them properly in private. It was up until one day, when he was repairing the bastard sword of a slaver, the ornate sword broke during tempering. Quickly trying to assure that he could fix it if he was given time, the slaver was not happy and beat Kadai to an inch of his life. That was when he changed. After taking the beating and recovering, Kadai went back to the forge and began a project of his own. He lied to his master and said it was a weapon for a slaver that had a special design in mind. He began to craft a massive two hoof battleaxe that was twin bladed. For two weeks he had slaved over the forge, making the perfect blade; a tool of destruction. Working the forge for years had made him well toned and able to handle the bulk and weight of the battleaxe. Taking the finished blade, Kadai practiced on some wooden dummies, before being satisfied, went to show his 'master.' His master was barely able to finish "good work" before the sharp blade of the axe took his head. No more would he be obedient. No more was he to be the slave of somepony else. No more beatings. His life was his own. The Solar Guard would pay for what they did to his parents, and slavers would pay for what they do. Throughout the camp Kadai slaughtered any slaver he came across. It was up until a local guard.. if you could call them that, told Kadai to stop his slaughter and drop his weapon. Already in a blood rage, Kadai attacked the guards and even succeeded in killing one before he took a blow to the head which knocked him unconscious. Despite having a deal with the slavers in which they were paid to turn a blind eye, they were impressed with the 18 year old thestral's combat prowess at such a young age. So, instead of having him executed for attacking a local Badlands guard, he was brought to some hidden town within the badlands, and more specifically, the fighting pits. When he awoke, he was surprised to still have that axe he crafted. He was told that he owed his life to the pits, and if he performed well enough, then he would earn his freedom. If not, then he would die in the pits. Accepting the terms, Kadai fought in the pits against other slaves, also know as gladiators. Sometimes he fought with ponies on his side against another team, sometimes it was one on one.. but as he got better, it got harder. It soon became one on two, then three of them, then once there was a big melee with nearly twenty of them fending for themselves. Kadai survived them all and soon mastered the art of his axe. While he took injuries here and there, he was a survivor. That was all he was. He fought for his family to live. His mother wanted him to live, so he was going to damn well try hard to not waste her own self sacrifice. He was still here because of her. He owed her this. There was one more trial he was to take. Apparently he had the eye of somepony important on him and was to be offered a life out of here if he prevailed. Before he faced the trial, Kadai knelt with his axe and dubbed it Oath Keeper before swearing his first oath upon the blade. "I swear to not fail you, mother. I will live. For you. Then I will have my vengeance." As Kadai entered the pit, he looked around as he heard the crowd cheer. Something big was going to happen. He never saw them so riled up. Looking opposite of the arena stood a beast.. no.. a monster. It was a large midnight black drake. So this was his trial huh? Lowering himself to the ground, he touched the hot sand with a hoof, while bringing the blade of the axe to his lips. "I will live." He whispered to the blade before standing up. What happened next was a blur to him. Kadai summoned every last reserve of hate, and anger, letting it fuel his hooves as he cut, cleaved, maimed and rolled to avoid being flame boiled bat. There were times where he was hit by the fire, but the pain only fueled him to new found heights of rage. Consumed by wrath, the thestral eventually smashed the head of his axe into the skull of the drake, finally defeating it after what felt like hours of fighting. Chest heaving, Kadai remembers the cheers as the world faded out to black due to his exertion and injuries he suffered while he fell. Before everything went black, he felt a tingle of magical energy upon his haunch. The image of a drake's skull had appeared. A symbol of surviving. His oath to his mother. When he awoke once more, it was not that of being chained, nor was it in a torch light cave with other.. killers. He was staring eye to eye with another that looked like him. A.. thestral.. yes, that was what his kind was called. "You have your mother's eyes." They said as Kadai slowly sat up, groaning in pain due to the burns he suffered. "How.. How do you know my mother? How do you know me?" He asked with a dry cracked throat. "I served both Adelise and Gladhrion. For a long time I thought you were dead.. until I heard of this 'Lunar Wrath'. I had to see this tale for myself.. and at first I didn't believe it, but you truly are your father's son. Your family always fought to the last, no matter the situation. I could think of no other offspring you could be from other than Gladhrion's. I'm here to take you, if you will allow me, to help fight for a cause your parents believed in." Kadai touched his bandages and groaned in pain before nodding. Seven hells.. why does living hurt so much? Still believing his sister and family were dead, Kadai began his early adult years with serving the Nightmare Rebellion just as his mother and father did. The Montanya legacy was always faithful to Nightmare Moon. Long may she reign. Kadai's savage skill with Oath Keeper quickly put him into the Vanguard. He enjoyed being the first into the fight, and as with his parents, he always inspired those next to him to fight harder. Swiftly making his way up to Lieutenant, Kadai participated in the assault upon Canterlot. "You will fight in the streets, and in the fields! You will fight for the enemy's death, not your own lives! You will fight and you will drive this filth from the Queen's city. Into the fires of battle! Unto the anvil of war!" -- The former forces of Nightmare Moon were defeated as their Queen fell to the elements of harmony. Some still fought on, but were fighting a lost war. Soon enough they all were ordered by Luna, whom they still served, to bend the knee. After the integration of the Guard that would both serve Equestria day and night respectively, Kadai found his sister. Eliana and the rebel had been captured by the Solar Guard forces. Brought to the capital, she was raised by a couple within the Solar Guard. Eliana was taught that all they wanted was an end to this rebellion so they could have peace. Wanting the same, but still holding the Solar Guard responsible for her parents deaths, she was reluctant to join. After a while she finally joined them and was known to make the rebel forces surrender without further bloodshed. When the two came across each other, when Kadai heard there was another Montanya, Kadai had to be sure it was his sister. Busting into her office as a newly appointed Lunar Guard Lieutenant, Kadai approached the Solar Guard Captain and stared her in the eye. She, unlike him, had amber eyes.. and that mane.. that fiery mane of his mother. It was unmistakable that she had Adelise's mane. She also had the light amber coat and face just like mother. However she was dressed in the customary armor of the Solar Guard complete with a shield and bastard sword. Tears welled up in his eyes as his brain works to accept her as his sister. "You.. fought.. with the ENEMY?!" He roared, that deep hidden rage consuming him as he brings his axe down, his wrath blinding him from his heart which screamed to not hurt his sister. Eliana reacted swiftly. She knew it was her brother. She was the one who sent word to the rebellion of where he was. She was the one who got him out of the badlands, but never had the heart to reveal she was alive until the right moment. Raising her shield, she took the blow and staggered back. He really did have father's strength.. and stubbornness. "K-Kadai! STOP IT!" She screamed, refusing to fight her only blood relative alive. Once again she brought her shield up and slid backwards as a shower of sparks flew from the steel of that heavy axe smashing against the only protection stopping her brother from killing her. "Stop being so BULL headed and LISTEN to me!" Growling, she smacked the angry stallion on the side of the hide with the pommel of her sword before backing way out of range of his reach. "I only wanted pea-" Hurting Kadai was the wrong thing to do when he was blinded by rage. Roaring once more, he jumped at the mare, causing the two to crash into the ground with Kadai on top. Both of their weapons hit the ground and slid. Eliana managed to strike him in the jaw before his hooves came down, his intent to crush the life out of her throat. His wrath demanded him to finish her, but the look upon her face.. that true and utter look of both terror and sadness made him pause. All of a sudden, that thick heavy mist of rage dissipated as he realized the truth of her look. He was trying to kill his sister. His only sister. Tears streamed down Eliana's face as Kadai pulled his hooves back, and looked at them, shaking as he realized what he just did. Eliana was not going to take any chances. Drawing back a hoof, he punched her brother in the maw as she mustered the strength to throw him off. Rolling to her sword, she quickly recovered while picking up her weapon and pointed the tip at the unarmed Kadai. "..Don't make do this, Kadai. Please, I beg you, don't." It took all of her strength to keep her composure as more tears streamed down her amber face. The stallion looked up at her with those gold eyes, shame and defeat filling them as his chest heaves. "Kill me." He huffed. Eliana shook her head, lowered her blade while falling to her hindlegs in front of her brother. Raising a hoof, he touched the bleeding gash upon his cheek from her pommel. "No.. mother and father wouldn't want us fighting. I know what it looks like.. but I want you to know, that I wanted an end to this. We can't follow their path.. not to that end. Listen to me Kadai.. I know.. what you went through.. I fed the rebellion the information that a Montanya was still alive. I saved you because I love you. You're my brother for Celestia's sake! Us Montanya's stick together." She whispers as she buries her muzzle into the larger stallion's chest. Kadai's own hooves wrapped around his sister, not in any harm, but in an embrace. Lowering his own maw, he kissed the top of her head and whispers back, "While I will never forgive you for serving my enemy, and I assure you that I will have my vengeance for Father and Mother.. but.. I promise I will never try to harm you again." That was when the last barriers of his anger deflated, causing the stallion to cry with his sister. "I expect nothing less." Eliana whispered back. -- To present day, Kadai and Eliana serve Equestria within their respective Guard. Kadai's hate and rage towards his sister was replaced with a mutual rivalry, albeit a friendly one despite them being close to each other. Kadai is very protective over his sister, even though she was the older one, in which Eliana knows that Kadai is soft and protective towards those he loves while holding that strong iron scary personality to any outsider.</p>
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