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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
A teddy bear with a few different color paint stain holding a pencil. Behind it, the same on the bear; different color paint splats.
The Tsundere Artist, Gallery Owner.
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Art:
Character Image:
Canvas has a light lavender blue coat with teal eyes; more standing out is how her mane and tail are. Light blonde with a cherry blossom ombre at the end and pass her hairbands. Done in a ponytail which gives off the impression of an used paintbrush. She also sports two long bangs on the side as well as a ahoge (Foolish Hair) but, it's usually hidden under a hat.

Accessories: Two hoop earrings and a diamond earring on her left ear, glasses and a beret.


A tsundere pony; harsh and cold towards anyone; will opens up more if one/others spend time. Her tone may be negative at-first, but deep down; she's nice and genuinely cares towards those.

If anyone hurts or threats, Canvas waste no time in making sure that target gets thrown into the hospital.

Self-proud in her work is one of her weakness. Extremely touchy when creating erotic even though, herself accidentally showcase it during situation. She's quite talented in her work, creating drawings, comics and even manga; include her taste in making mature content.
Drawing, Cute Things(Secretly) Music, Ponies who enjoy art as well.

Her R-rated work being revealed, Rudeness, Know-it-alls, Anyone insulting art.
Misc Information:
Rules Board? Let's take a look see....

Fill free to ship my character. As long as it starts via pre-established. No jumping in without reason. Respect that, it's all non-canon so any thought of making it canon gets kicked right out the window. It's

Sorry, not sorry, you have to message me first. Can't approach due to being badly shy to others.

●Be patient.
I'm not the fastest typist but, I'll try to get one up as fast as possible. Respect that I get busy, have issues, distractions and etc. Real life and on other sites.

●Grammar Check.
Please make sure to double check your writing, be clear, use capital letters in its correct spot. I can't do messiness nor those who type as a first grader..

●NSFW Roleplay?
Sure, hit me up about it. I do have a F-List if you wish to view her kinks or get a general idea for plots.

●My Character is /Rude/.
-Obvious. This doesn't mean /I'm/ rude in the slightest as well. She'll be less hostile and less rude towards those she can be friends or close to.

●Appearance View.
-I don't have much to show aside from doodles of Sketchy Canvas. If you wish to help out, I don't mind it at all. (Again, just hit me up.)

●Off EEA.
-I also do RP on Skype and Discord, if you guys have any/both, send your contacts over. Make sure to included your account name and the site.
History and Details:
<p><em>Backstory: Coming soon.</em></p>
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