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Open RP is welcome. I play in canon Equestria, spiced with a little steampunk and arcano-tech. Comics count (mostly) as canon to me. Absurd tech, silly crossovers, and blatant rip-offs of other TV shows hold no interest at all to me, and I honestly find them something of a cop-out. If you're going to play a character from the series, you'd better act like that character. The more outlandish your character, the more I expect to be impressed by your RP. Power and respect are earned.
History and Details:
<p>Early Years: Born and raised in a small village far off from the gryphon capital, the gryphon known only as Gris would be the older brother of two younger siblings in a small happy family of gryphons living in the deep snows of the northern territories of the Gryphon kingdoms. For years he and his siblings would live there in general peace up until the fist tragedy struck the family when the youngest brother contracted a strain of influenza, not recovering before the deep snows set in resulting in his untimely death. Leaving Gris and his sister Aegle to help their family as much as they could in this time. Both growing up to young adults both gryphons had lost their father in the same fashion as their brother, another outbreak of influenza taking him before his time once more devastating the family. But the bonds between Gris his sister and mother only grew stronger until the three became inseparable. <br /><br />Noble's Blood: Approaching their years to adulthood, the two siblings couldn't be closer. Both Gris and his sister growing into their selective paths of choice. Gris, a warrior for his tribe and his sister a healer to help save others from the influenza and keep anymore from dying from the terrible disease like her youngest brother and father. But about this time noble birds from the south would come to their village searching for both their taxes and offerings of appeasement to keep 'safe' the borders of the village. The leader of this noble group, a young gryphon plump as a hog with a silver spoon between his beak would then attempt to forcibly take Aegle for himself. However Gris and his family would have none of it. Gris would of course challenge the hog of a bird to one on one combat, and quite easily defeat both him and the two lackies. With their tails tucked between their legs they ran home, though this would not be the last time they would be heard from. No more than a month after this incident, the jokes and jeers from the others in the tribe subsiding some Gris would leave the village for a time with the rest of the young birds to hunt and gather food for the village. At which time the noble bird and his horde of mercenaries would descend upon the village. Only thanks to the smoke rising from the village as it burned would Gris and the other hunters return to find their home under attack. And his home... burnt to the ground. His mother's head resting upon a pike while his sister lay pinned under the noble he could only watch as the mercenaries decapitated his sister, both siblings staring into the other's eyes before her head fell to the ground. Something broke in him that day, and the normally happy and energetic gryphon would feel the fires of burning hatred settle in his core. As his sister's head rolled across the ground Gris would descend upon the mercs, using all his strength, all his rage, and his fathers claymore to rip them apart and decimate them until the fires consuming his home began to smolder. In one final act of revenge, Gris would beat the noble bird to death with his bare hands, leaving only himself and two survivors from the village to bury their dead. Gris from that day forward would never be the same, as his eyes soaked in blood would change to the color of crimson and burn with a rage that could never subside. <br /><br />Paid in full: It would not be long before news of the village's destruction reached the ears of the noble families who held power in the gryphon courts, many condemning the village's destruction as a wanton waste of both resources and life. And despite Gris's urgings for a proper punishment to the family responsible for destroying his home the courts ultimately ruled to slap the hand of the nobles who slaughtered the village due in part to the contributions made to the kingdom overall. The incident more or less being swept under the rug. They warned Gris not to seek vengeance further, lest he be made an enemy of the kingdom itself. That however didn't seem to settle well with the gryphon. For as soon as he was able he burned the noble's estate to the ground to avenge his mother and sister. Which, as one would expect would land him in prison to be executed for his crimes. Where he would remain for weeks. A number of days before his execution was scheduled to take place much to his own surprise he would be granted a temporary pardon given his ferocious knack for battle. Still under the collar of the crown and still planned to be executed he would be given a chance to earn some of his freedom back by aiding in the defense of a brand new gryphon weapon that would bring them into the world stage as a super power. Much like their Equestrian neighbors. And airship powerful enough to rival even the most modern of Equestrian airships to date. And Gris being a prisoner would be made to work aboard such a secretive airship in exchange for some freedoms. Well for a time this worked. For a number of days Gris would work aboard the airship as his masters commanded, keeping him chained and on a short leash. But when the airship was sabotaged by a certain group of ponies the bird would take his chance at freedom as the entire thing crashed into the country side, escaping his execution and fleeing into the wilderness. <br /><br />Exiled: In the years that followed multiple times bounties and hits were placed on his head by the Gryphon kingdom many nobles outright trying to hunt him down with their own private armies. Unfortunately for them Gris's actions had rallied a number of other gryphons of similar mindsets to his flag. While few in number these birds were all victims of the corruption to the courts within the Kingdom giving them cause to rally with Gris against them. Their ferocity and knack for combat made them a feared band of birds, in time the kingdom giving up trying to bring him back and focusing on their failing economy. He was however, forever exiled from his homeland under pain of death if he and his band ever returned. Present At present Gris and his band of mercenary birds have grown in strength and reputation becoming a very well know group that is as merciless as they are feared. <img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/1136_1522122875.png" alt="" /><br /><br />God's Talons they've taken to calling themselves have made quite the name for themselves often aiding the Lunar Guard and other such factions within Equestria. While debatable in their methods the Talons have amassed a reputation of always getting their mark be it bounty, hit, rescue, or aiding in operations requiring their specific brand of destruction and skill. Presently the Talons are on contracted loan out to King Free Form and his allies for an undisclosed period of time.</p>
<p>Time of rest: With the war slowing to a halt thanks to the bitterly cold weather in the gryphon lands the God's Talons had been for the time, sent back to their family; those who remained receiving ample compensation for their work and sacrifices. Gris, upon returning to Equestria would tend to his to be wife, proposing to her only a week before their child would be born. For once, the fierce and fiery temper of the gryphon tempered to a more delicate warmth, given aid by both his mate, and the young hippogryph they had produced together. Naming her Aegle, after his late sister the gryphon would for once in his long life had finally found himself happy. If only for a short time. For his time with his mate and child will be cute short. With the snow thawing, the war shall resume soon. And he will once more be thrust into the fires of combat. But with the old gods watching over him, Gris vows to return to his daughter and to be wife. Not even Hel herself will stop him from returning.&nbsp;</p>
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