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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
A trio of silver cat scratches
Thief, vagabond, professional bar brawler.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Kitty is a petite mare with baby blue fur. Her mane and tail are a swirl of midnight blue, black, and white. She has pretty, even gentle features. Kitty often conveys the appearance of fair maiden, innocent. This illusion is shattered once you look into her striking silver eyes and given that signature cocky smirk. Kitty is actually a half-Thestral but this is only apparent in the coloration of her eyes, her elongated canines, and tiny frame.
Misc Information:
Can be found in a bar, downing mugs of ale, or cardsharping. (Prefer story based RPing.)
History and Details:
<p>Kitty grew up on the streets of Canterlot's Undercity (a ragtag collection of districts such as the Brass Lantern District and the Greymoors), born to a&nbsp;butler and a city guard. She doesn't know how she came to be on her own and doesn't care to find out. She ran with a group of orphans that called the alleyways of the Undercity home. They were known as&nbsp;the Pack and were led&nbsp;by Lyka (another halfbreed like her actually). They carved out a meager living stealing from&nbsp;vendors and cutting purses. As the years passed, the Pack was slowly losing members to stupidity, desease, and accidenst until it was only them. Kitty was in her early teens when she discovered her talent for brawling but it wasd also the day the Pack died. While trying to lift a purse off a mark Lyka and Kitty were caught and chased down. Kitty got away after clocking the two guards that were trying to subdue her. It wasn't until she was in one of the many 'hidey holes' that she realzied not only had she obtained her cutie mark but Lyka hadn't gotten away. She found him swaying atop the Azora Bridge two days&nbsp;later.</p>
<p>She has veiwed her cutie mark with sutle contempt ever since.&nbsp;Kitty got smart with her thefts after this however&nbsp;rarely lifting purses and goods in the same area (an action that got her and Lyka caught). She even went to&nbsp;the higher districts to&nbsp;do second story work for the local gangs, lifting expensive items from the homes of&nbsp;more well-off sorts&nbsp;in&nbsp;Canterlot. She almost fell in with M, a local crimelord, but was instead brought under the wing of&nbsp;Talon after they sort of saved each other in a scuffle with the guard. She acts as the unofficial buncer of the Crow's call, Talon's bar and&nbsp;Kitty's home (lives in the second story). She's still a freelance thief and has repeatedly put down offers, a week doesn't go by without someone offering her a position in the heaviest hitters of the Undercity. Her nuetral status is only tolerated by M and protected thanks to Talon and M's history, mysterious as it is.&nbsp;</p>
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