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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Three Ravens
Military Rank:
Celestial Guard: Captain (Cpt)
Celestial Guard Captain, Unit Mage and Magic Specialist.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Slightly shorter than the average mare, with a lithe frame. For coloring, please refer to the picture above!

Personality: (Lawful Neutral) A very studious and curious mare. Her moral scope is more gray in certain areas, and she has no problem doing actions considered 'wrong' if the outcome is 'good' in the long term.
The arcane arts. Experiments.
Misc Information:
Branwen is a serious character, or she likes to think of herself as 'serious'. While some silly RP is fine, generally I'm looking for good narrative roleplays. Some small rules...

[b]1)[/b] Message me if you want to RP. Sending a starter and assuming we're RP'ing without speaking to me will end with me ignoring you completely. :)

[b]2)[/b] Short, illegible, or plain stupid replies are not welcome. Unless otherwise stated.

[b]3)[/b] If you want to ship your OC with Bran, ask me, unless it just comes about in a good RP. Then just assume I'm okay with it.

[b]4)[/b] If you want ERP, you have to be in a ship first. If all you want is a quick clop, then seek out someone else on this site, I'm sure someone will fulfill your fantasy.

History and Details:
<p><em><strong>Family</strong>:</em> No connections to Branwen's family have been made, despite extensive investigations, testing, and magic. DNA test have failed to trace her to any relatives... living or dead.&nbsp;</p>
<p><em><strong>(Ages 1-16)</strong></em> Branwen was found abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage in Canterlot, wrapped up in swaddling clothes and laying in a basket. The only thing found alongside of her was a small note, the lone word being her name, 'Branwen'. Branwen spent the first years of her life living in the Orphanage, being raised by the staff there until her adoption at the age of five. Her new guardian would be a very old and grumpy unicorn, who lived on the outskirts of Canterlot in a small stone tower filled that looked more like a library than a home. The old Stallion's name was Catalyst, a self-taught mage whose life was devoted to studying magic.</p>
<p>Branwen would quickly discover that she hadn't been adopted to fill the role of a daughter to this wizard though, but instead was there to do the aging stallion's chores of cooking and cleaning. She was not at all thrilled with idea of her new life, and often thought of running away and taking to a life on the streets. However, the two would slowly grow on each other as the time passed. After a few months of living with Catalyst, Branwen started expressing her interests in learning magic and helping him study. In her eyes it was a step above just cooking, and the thought of doing magic was exciting to her. The wizard would reluctantly agree and started Branwen on the long path of becoming a mage.</p>
<p><em><strong>(Ages 17-Present)</strong> </em>Branwen remained Catalyst's apprentice for many years, showing a natural talent for the study and practice of magic. Unfortunately, the old wizard passed away in his sleep one stormy night, leaving Branwen with possession of his tower and a very small lump of money. Distraught, the young mage knew she would have to find some source of income if she was to keep the tower and all its ancient tomes. Seeking to put her magical skills to use, the mare enlisted in the Solar guard. Branwen was in for a rude awakening when she began her guard training as a lowly recruit. At the time she wasn't anywhere close to being in peak shape, nor was she very skilled with swords and such, but she did have more magic potential than the rest of her fellow recruits.</p>
<p>Over the next year, she would work her hardest and give everything she had towards her training. The payoff was big, getting her into the most fit shape her body had ever been in, along with all sorts of new skills and tricks. Though she still wasn't the best at swordplay and fighting, her prowess had improved greatly and overall had positioned her in a good spot among her peers. But her real time to shine would be over the next few years of her life as she worked as a guard. She relied on her magic to solve problems and stop crime, sometimes doing the job more effectively than her fellow guards could've done with their swords and hooves. In the scarce times she had off, Branwen would focus on absorbing as much knowledge as she could and improve her magical abilities. Working in the guard also allowed her to gain access to the Castle's Library and archives, where she was able to read and study a wide range of books that had previously been unviable to her.</p>
<p>At the age of twenty-three, Branwen was promoted to the rank of sergeant in the Solar Guard. After working in the Solar Guard for over six years, Sgt. Branwen was offered a chance at joining Equestria's Special Forces, The Celestial Guard. The next year would be more grueling than anything the Solar Guard had ever put her through, leaving her broken many times. But she had a strong will, and each time she was broke down she would rise up stronger and harder, becoming someone, she never dreamed she could be. After many months of training, Sgt. Branwen passed all tests to the satisfaction of her command and was awarded the title of Celestial Guard and the rank of Second Lieutenant. Currently 2Lt Branwen remains working with the Celestial Guard, while living in her old Mentor's Tower. She also continues her study of magic on her own time, pressing into darker and more untamed forms of magic.</p>
<p>Branwen's hard work in the Celestial guard over the last five years eventually earned the spot of Captain of The Celestial Guard, a promotion she gladly accepted for the chance to make the Celestial Guard into something truly heroic for Equestria... and a nightmare for all their enemies.</p>
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<h1 style="text-align: center;"><em><strong><u>Noctis Equestria</u></strong></em></h1>
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<h2 style="text-align: center;"><strong>Despair, The Mare of Misery (Dark Branwen)</strong></h2>
<p><strong>Name:&nbsp;</strong>Despair, A.K.A The Mare of Misery. (Formerly Branwen)&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>Description: </strong>&nbsp;(Something like that, I can't draw. get over it.)&nbsp;<br />Despair was once the beautiful mare by the name of Branwen, though after months of torture her body has changed. Her body type has remained mostly the same; A smaller mare, with a lithe agile frame that allows her to move quickly. Her mane, once a golden brown that was wore up in a braid, has turned a dark brown with. Her body is covered from hoof to head in scars, and her coat has dulled from its cream color to a darker gray cream. Her eyes were also changed, though by the magic of Nightmare moon, to a blood red to give her a darker look.&nbsp;<br /><br />Despair normally has strips of black linen cloth wrapped around her legs and body, reaching all the way up to her neck to hide her scars. She wears a tattered black cloak with a large hood to cover her face. The only pieces of armor she wears is a light purple chest piece with the Eye symbol of Nightmare moon set in the breast and purple armored shoes.&nbsp;<br /><br />Personality:&nbsp;Despair is a cruel mare, quick to anger, and shows no mercy. Months of torture and brainwashing had deprived the mare of any fear, even death or pain. She has an almost uncanny lust for violence and seems to enjoy fighting more than one should. Despite all of that, much of her former self's intelligence was retained when Despair was created, allowing her to understand more complex things with ease. She's also developed a snarky and taunting attitude, something she uses when addressing anyone other than Nightmare moon herself.&nbsp;<br /><br />Backstory:&nbsp;Branwen was once a proud and powerful mage in the ranks of the Solar Guard before the rise of Nightmare Moon. Though still young, and before she would be accepted into the Celesital Guard, the mare had a notable prowess as a combat mage and was considered one of Equestria's finest during that time. She, along with many other guards, resisted Nightmare Moon on that fateful night and paid a heavy price for their bravery. Branwen managed to hold her ground against Nightmare Moon, even as her comrades were mercilessly slaughtered by the power of the dark Ruler. The young mage was no match for Nightmare moon however, only serving as an annoyance at the most before she too was beaten down, her body broke and her life barely hanging on by a thread.&nbsp;<br /><br />It would not be the end for her though, and she would eventually wake up to find herself locked away in the dungeons of Nightmare Moon's Castle. She would quickly be subjected to torture at the hands of the enemy, sometimes by Nightmare Moon herself whenever she was feeling the desire too. Despite the physical pain, her mind and spirit held out against the odds, something that seemed to only anger Nightmare Moon more. It quickly became a sick game that would last months as the Dark Queen worked to break the small mare. When she finally started to crack, she began to plead for mercy with her captors. When they continued to torture her, the pleading turned to hostile threats and blind rage... But they never stopped, not until finally the mare's spirit and mind were broken completely and she was left a husk of her former self.&nbsp;<br /><br />Branwen, or what remained of her, didn't fear the thought of death nor pain anymore. She had grown accustomed to it over the long months of torture she had endured. Though the torture slowly stopped as a new game began between the broken mare and the Ruler of the Night. Nightmare Moon began to come and speak with Branwen, treating the once proud mage as one would a pet and even giving her a new name, Despair. Slowly Nightmare started rebuilding the mare from the ground up, using magic to alter the Mare's personality to create a weapon. Despair quickly learned her place and did as her Queen said without hesitation, something that pleased Nightmare to no end. She was retaught mage combat, something she remembered from whispers of her old life, and taught more darker powers as well.&nbsp;<br /><br />Eventually feeling content with Despair, Nightmare removed her from the dungeons and set her to work, hunting down anyone who resisted or spoke out against the Queen.<br /><br />Cutie Mark:&nbsp;Three Ravens in a circle. Ravens of old lore used to be symbols of knowledge and even arcane magic, something that Branwen excelled in. Though for Despair, the meaning of her cutie mark has been lost to her.<br /><br />Equipment:&nbsp;Blood magic, dark magic, regular combat magic. I don't currently have a spell list but can create one if needed for others to see.&nbsp;<br /><br />Faction: Loyalists.</p>
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